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Informative speech outline

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Informative Speech Outline

Topic: Symptom of Teen Suicide.

Type of Speech: Issue.

Strategy for Presenting Content: Explanation.

General Purpose: To inform.

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the major symptom of teen suicide.

Thesis Statement: The major symptom of teen suicide is substance abuse.


What is the symptom of teen suicide?

The major symptom of teen suicide is substance abuse.

(Transition: the major symptom of teen suicide is drug and alcohol abuse.)

  1. Drug and alcohol abuse are the main symptoms of teen-suicide

                  a. An author of 1986 book Teenage depression and suicide John Chiles, examines the cause of teenage depression and suicide and the role drugs play in the emotional disorder of young people.

                   b. According to American journal of preventive medicine, and article by Dr. Denise Hallfors October 2004 researchers found that teens who had not initiated drug abuse had the lowest levels of depression, suicidal thoughts, and suicide attempts.

(Transition: Now that you know about the main symptom of teen suicide, let’s take a look at the second symptom of teen suicide which is withdrawal from friends and family.)

      2.  The other symptom of teen suicide is withdrawal from friends and family.

              a. According to the National Institute of Mental Health August 29, 2009 withdrawal from family and friends is behavioral indicators that can help parents, and friends recognize suicidal tendencies in teens.

(Transition: How can we prevent teenage suicide?)

   3. There are many ways to help teens with this problem.

                a. Talking with teens is the best way. It is good to have a positive relationship with teens. 

               b. If suicide is suspected, it is wise to remove potential weapons from the home, including guns, prescription pills, sharp utensils and ropes.

              c. Teens can go to see a physician. The doctor can then recommend other steps to take.        

In summary, I hope now you have more information about the symptoms of suicide and how you can support other teens with this problem. You have to know that there are some ways to solve this problem and it is preventable.

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